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Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States

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Behind The Scenes at Fireflys Studio

Ever wondered how we make our beautiful products? 

We'd love to share the magic that goes on in the "background" prior to a custom

work being cut, and/or engraved, on our Glowforge (aka "GF").

First, we have to create a vector file for everything we make on our GF, as that is the "language" it speaks. In order to do this, you need vector software, and someone like Michelle, who understands how to use it! 

She uses Adobe Illustrator (aka "Ai").


Everything she creates has be turned into a "shape," including text! 

For example, in the video below, it shows our GF cutting some of our

Mason Jar Earring Displays with our business name engraved at the bottom.

Even the "holes" at the top of the jar, which hold our earrings, had to be created using several steps in Ai, then the jar shape and hole shapes had to be "united."

Michelle also had to make sure the GF would know to 'cut' these shapes out, versus engrave, using the "fill" option.

 Our business name, typed as text, had to be connected, (each letter had to touch), then turned into a "shape," and then created as an engrave using "strokes," verses being a "fill" - and this is just a simple design and just a few of the steps taken!

Whew - imagine the more detailed ones!

As one can see, it is so much MORE than placing some wood, leather or acrylic

in our GF and pressing a button.

It is many, many design hours, trial cuts, and re-designs which go into each creation, knowing the correct settings to tell the GF to use for each separate material, and lots of prayers - BUT - we LOVE what we do!

We love that we can offer custom creations for our customers. 

Sure, you can go buy a keychain at a chain store, and maybe save a little $ - 

but with us, you get personalization / customization.

Choose which design, style, color, and have it monogrammed with your initials or name - and the list "grows" on.

Yes, "grows" on, because we are continually growing in what we can make with our GF, which means more customizable options for YOU in future!

Think leather pocketbooks, wallets & jewelry and even small wood items like tea-light  holders, trays, containers or business products like "Employee of the Month" awards!

We're embarking on a whole new world of Custom, handmade by us, with the help of our amazing GF machine.

THANK YOU Friends - we are here because of YOU!

The First Thing We Ever Made On Our GF!

Engraved Monogram 

0n Walnut - this was

a bit tricky to learn!

First pair of monogram acrylic

earrings we made, 

for Michelle of course! ;)

Our Glowforge